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Apr 25, 2018

Life…….finds a way.

The Fly (1986) dir. David Cronenberg. “A brilliant but eccentric scientist begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong.” (source:

Apr 18, 2018

Barbie, eat your heart out! It’s a new episode of The Blood Buddies!! With last weekend being Stephanie’s birthday, she got to choose what movie to discuss and she chose “Bride of Chucky”.

Bride of Chucky (1998) dir. Ronny Yu. “Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer, discovers the perfect mate to...

Apr 11, 2018

Happy (almost) Friday the 13th! We heard your complaints from the last F13 and we took them to heart. So this time, we decided to watch the original “Friday the 13th” and boy howdy, we have some opinions.

Friday the 13th (1980) dir. Sean S. Cunningham. “A group of camp counselors are stalked and murdered by an...

Apr 4, 2018

Woo! We’re changing things up a little bit today and having David taking the reins on discussing James Wan’s “The Conjuring”! We also do a bit of a Blood Buddies Bible Studies in the middle, so there’s something for everyone.

The Conjuring (2013) dir. James Wan. “Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine...