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We are The Blood Buddies and we love talking about horror movies.

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Sep 16, 2022

David's back, so we're continuing with Hellraiser! This is the last of the theatrical movies, and we're off to the forbidden land of direct to video!

Sep 2, 2022

David is still on a little break, so Steve popped in for us to talk about John McNaughton's sci-fi horror head pulling film, The Borrower!

Aug 19, 2022

David is needing to take a bit of time off so we're on a pause with the Hellraiser franchise until he returns. In the meantime, please welcome Steve, who is joining as a guest co-host for the next episode or two!

Aug 5, 2022

Three down...7 or 8 to go! Is this the end of the fun Hellraiser movies or do we have a bit left before the downfall? Let's find out!

Jul 22, 2022

Hey y'all! We are onto the next installment of the Hellraiser franchise and we haven't lost out minds yet!


Review for NOPE is at 41:00