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Hi y'all!

We are The Blood Buddies and we love talking about horror movies.

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Keep it spooky, y'all!


Sep 22, 2023

It's the end of a theme (also our 6 year anniversary??)! We had to get our friend Steve to come back to wax poetic about Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski being terrible, and everything he knows about vampires.

Sep 10, 2023

We're a third of the way through our 70's Vampire series and there's no better way to celebrate than by discussing this 70's gem!

Aug 25, 2023

Continuing on with our 70's vampire theme, we're excited to talk about Bill Gunn's amazing film, Ganja & Hess!

Aug 11, 2023

New theme, baby!! We're hanging out and talking about George Romero's film, MARTIN. Is he a vampire, or is he just some goofy young adult?

Jul 30, 2023

We've got no time to podcast, get to the Libsyn, (insert joke about genitals and relate it to podcasts). We're talking about Predator with our wonderful partners, Kelsey and Ashley!!